GlobeTRAC is our latest innovation, we can now monitor, using GPRS, the condition of every cell in your battery pack. With GlobeTRAC we are able to pre-empt service requirements, notifying the customer of any potential problems even before the battery performance is impaired.

GlobeTRAC is a total peace of mind system.

How GlobeTRAC works:
Each High Power Series (HPS) battery module in the pack contains it’s own Voltage Monitoring System (VMS).
Using serial 9 DIN UART port, the VMS of each HPS battery module is 'Daisy Chained' together and finally connected to the GlobeTRAC
control unit.
Each GlobeTRAC control unit has a unique ID code.
The GlobeTRAC controller, using GPRS, sends a Battery Status Record, every 12 hours, to our data centre, reporting on the condition of each cell it is attached too.
Each Battery Status Record includes the number of cycles, the vehicles geographical position and error codes.
Should an error be recorded, our administrator will then take appropriate action. That may be an email to advise the vehicle owner that the battery needs a service, or a phone call or SMS to advise the driver that the vehicle should be stopped immediately, in extreme circumstances.

In the real world, the system allows vehicle owners to pre-empt service requirements, notifying the vehicle owner of any potential problems even before the vehicle performance is impaired. This will also allow the vehicle owner to plan the vehicle service schedule, minimising any business interruption.